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  Premium Grey Cat Litter. Click to enlarge.  

Premium Grey Cat Litter.

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter benefits from a unique sieving system that boosts the already excellent clumping powers. All fines and dust are removed prior to packing to ensure consistent, top quality granules. Free from any additives with the ability to minimize bacterial activity and fully bio- degradable.

The Pettex original formula helps create a more economical dust free cat litter, while the natural minerals have sufficient odour control to clamp down on those unpleasant smells, as if that wasn’t enough the unique super clumping properties allows the damp patches in the litter to form distinguishing clumps that can be easily removed and dispensed of with no trouble at all.

  So Kleen material shot  
SO-KLEEN Heavyweight Grey Cat Litter. Ideal for the price conscious consumer, with effective clumping and odour control, it is suited to the higher volume user.
  Pampuss material shot  
PAMPUSS Woodpellet Cat Litter.
Unique recycled pine fresh Wood pellets which are highly absorbent, light to handle and easy to dispose of.
  Lightweight Material Shot  
This highly absorbent and natural mineral is a white, lightweight product with superior absorption.
  Silica material shot  
SILICA Cat Litter.
A revolutionary product that after absorbing liquid, remains dry to the touch as well as neutralising odours.
  Paper material shot  
PAPER Cat Litter.
Ultra-light, ultra absorbent paper granules, that’s Pettex Paper based Cat Litter. Manufactured exclusively from recycled materials, highly absorbent and environmentally friendly.
  Clean Paws Material Shot  
CLEAN PAWS Cat Litter.
A high quality 100% natural, super clumping micro granule cat litter. Longer lasting than most litters.

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